How to Spot a Fake Goyard

How to Spot a Fake Goyard

Goyard products have long been touted as items of luxury. You don’t buy a Goyard bag for its practical usage, although it fulfills the basic requirements you’d expect from any quality handbag. You buy a Goyard tote, or any other Goyard-brand product, for what it says about you and your fashion-sense. You’re wealthy. You’re complicated. You have an eye for artful, authentic, exclusive products. And you’re willing to spend a lot of money to enjoy those associations which come with owning a Goyard product

Unfortunately, there are many people who want to take advantage of your desire for luxurious fashion. They know you are willing to pay a lot of money. They know you want a Goyard bag for its ability to reflect your complexity and wealth. And they are very good at imitating Goyard’s classic design - good enough to convince the average person of their knock-off’s “authenticity.”  

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Today, you will learn to avoid these scammers by familiarizing yourself with Goyard’s distinct, irreplaceable qualities. Today, you learn how to spot a fake Goyard product.

A Brief Overview of Goyard

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely familiar with Goyard already. Perhaps you’ve researched Goyard’s mysterious practices, considered purchasing one of Goyard’s acclaimed totes or handbags, or maybe you’ve already purchased from Goyard. Hopefully, you haven’t come here because you suspect your Goyard product to be fake, although if you do, reading this article will help you to determine if yours is the real thing or merely an impersonation.

So, without further ado, here’s a brief overview of Goyard for the uninitiated…

Goyard is a privately-owned luxury leather goods and trunk maker. It was established in Paris France in 1853, and in 2019, Goyard has barely expanded. They take pride in their limited availability and exclusivity, and their products reflect said pride with distinct patterns and other attributes that have become iconic with Goyard. Overall, Goyard is a mysterious brand with an extremely loyal consumer-base and plenty of critical acclaim to back it up. It’s no wonder so many people want to own Goyard-brand products.

Now that we know you’re familiar with Goyard the brand, let’s discuss how to spot a fake Goyard product.  

How to Spot a Fake Goyard

To buy a designer handbag is to make a fashion statement. It is then crucial to make the right kind of statement - one that is powerful and outstanding, and not flimsy and generic. The strength of your statement, when touting a Goyard tote or handbag (as examples), is determined by your Goyard’s authenticity. So, an inauthentic Goyard knock-off, produced by an unimportant third party, would be detrimental to your fashion statement!

For the sake of preserving your integrity, credibility, personal image, and anything else that might be in jeopardy when you are called out for owning a knock-off Goyard product, here are some simple and easy ways to differentiate a knock-off from the real thing:

  • The first detail you should pay special attention to with any Goyard bag is its texture. Goyard bags are hand-painted. It’s one of the brand’s most distinct eccentricities that truly leaves a mark on all of their products, both figuratively and literally. Literally, the hand-painted designs on the bag leave a slightly bumpy texture on the surface of the painted areas. Third-party dealers creating knock-off bags will likely skip hand-painting their bags to save time and money, so the texture of a fake Goyard is typically smoother than that of a real, hand-painted Goyard bag.
  • Another distinct quality of authentic Goyard bags is their resin-coated linen, which is lined with cotton or linen fabric. Knock-off Goyard bags are not made from such expensive materials, and instead, third-parties will opt to make them from materials like cheap cotton and vinyl. Those cheaper materials make knock-off bags heavier than authentic Goyard bags, which are comparatively light for their size.
  • Even the way Goyard bags are packaged can be examined for authenticity. Goyard products come in a plain dust bag inside of a plain brown box. They do not come in any sort of plastic bag with handles, and the Goyard bag handles don’t have any leather tags attached to them.
  • Finally, Goyard products are sold at a very limited number of locations across the globe, making it difficult to buy directly from the retailer. Goyard doesn’t participate in e-commerce either, so you can’t shop from their website. The only online option for buying Goyard products is through third-party retailers or other sellers. Shopping for Goyard products online, therefore requires a lot of research to ensure you are getting an authentic product. If you find a Goyard bag for sale from a retailer you’ve never heard of, at an unusually low or high price, chances are that retailer is promoting a knock-off. 

Knowing how to spot a fake Goyard product, you can easily avoid making any regretful purchases from shady third-party retailers. Another benefit of knowing how to spot a fake Goyard product, is that you can appreciate what makes a Goyard product unique in the first place. 

In Conclusion

If you’re considering buying a Goyard bag, take the time to research and examine it so that you don’t pay a lot of money for a knock-off. 

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Goyard does not make it easy for you to buy their luxury products (their exclusivity is a part of their appeal after all). And you definitely shouldn’t seek products from just any third-party retailer claiming to carry authentic Goyard. In fact, you should probably buy directly from Goyard, or at least buy from a trusted retailer who buys directly from Goyard. Doing so will ensure that you attain the real product you are seeking, so that you can stand out in crowds with your new tote, wallet, pouch or other Goyard product

With so many scammers selling knock-off Goyard products online, The Upperroom Boutique wants to help you find the Goyard products you seek. We are dedicated to providing you authentic Goyard products, purchased directly from the retailer, and if you don’t believe us, refer to the above instructions for how to spot a fake Goyard. We won’t take it personally.