How to Tell if a Supreme Hat 2019 is Real

how to tell if a supreme hat is real

So you’re thinking about buying a Supreme hat. Maybe you’ve already bought one, and you suspect something is a little off about it. If you’re like most Supreme customers, you bought your hat online from a third party dealer. These dealers buy anticipated Supreme products and resell them online at a higher price than their original retail value. If you don’t want to pay the resale price, then you basically have to get lucky, because Supreme’s stores sell out FAST.

Most likely, you’ll have to buy your Supreme clothing online, which can be difficult if you haven’t done it before. Basically, there’s a lot of fake Supreme being “resold” online, and those fakes often appear very similar to the real thing. Many fake Supreme hats, in particular, are sold online at a high price, so you have to be careful about who you buy them from. Luckily for you, Supreme hats have a number of unique features that scammers struggle to replicate. You can quickly and easily tell if a Supreme hat is real or fake by inspecting its unique features, which, if missing, may be a sign of counterfeit. 

If your Supreme hat is missing some of the brand’s signature qualities, it’s most likely fake. Let‘s go through each of the unique features that your Supreme hat should have if it is authentic, so you can use this article as a guide for how to tell if your Supreme hat is real or fake. 

Grab your Supreme hat and follow along with us! 

How to Tell if a Supreme Hat is Real

There are several unique features of an authentic Supreme hat that knock-off artists have trouble replicating. By examining your Supreme hat for those unique features, you can tell if it is real or if it is fake.

The Eyelets

The first feature you should look for in your Supreme hat is the eyelets. Eyelets are small holes in the hat that provide ventilation to the sides and top of your head while wearing it. In a real Supreme hat, the eyelets on opposite sides of the hat should line up, so that you can look straight through one and out the other. Fake Supreme hat eyelets don’t usually line up, and are sometimes blocked by tags or other materials. 

To quickly check the eyelets on your hat, flip it inside-out, and peer through one of the eyelets. You should be able to see through the eyelet on the opposite side. If you cannot align the eyelets, or one of the eyelets is blocked, your Supreme hat might be fake.

The Bill

Moving onto the bill of your Supreme hat, our inspection gets a little more complicated. Bills can bend from usage or from manufacturing errors, so even if the bill on your Supreme hat doesn’t match the bills of proven, authentic Supreme hats, it might not mean your hat is fake.

Typically, real Supreme hat bills have a rounded lip. Fake Supreme hats usually don’t have the lip and are, instead, flat across the bill. That’s because Supreme’s distinct rounded lip on the bill of their hats is difficult (and more expensive) to imitate. If your hat has a rounded lip, but you’re still skeptical of its authenticity, then check the stitches.

Based on how many stitches are on the brim of a Supreme hat, you can tell if it’s real or fake. Real Supreme hats should have 6 curved stitch lines following the edge of the bill. If your hat has more or less than 6 stitch lines across its bill, that’s a red flag.

The Tags

Tags are the most common feature of a Supreme hat that scammers fail to replicate, so check the tags on your hat carefully. 

Inside the hat, there should be a white tag, about ¾ of an inch square, stating where the hat was made. Immediately, if the tag reads “Made in China,” it may be a fake (Supreme hats are made in the U.S.A.). However, scammers usually don’t make that mistake, and instead they fail to replicate the specific front used to write “ MADE IN U.S.A.” On a real Supreme hat, the font on the tag should be regular (not bold or italicized), and the word “Supreme” should be italicized (not regular or bold). There should also be an American flag between “MADE IN” and “U.S.A.”

*Supreme like any brand is likely to change tags and production facilities over time.

The Logo

If you’re a fan of Supreme, the logo is likely ingrained in your memory. If presented with a fake and a real Supreme hat, you could probably tell pretty quickly which is which. But how? For newer Supreme shoppers, who might be less familiar with the iconic logo, there are a few details you can look for when examining your hat’s logo:

  1. The font should be italicized and bolded.
  2. The stitching around the logo should be close to the edge, so that the logo cannot fold up from the hat’s fabric.
  3. The logo should be 3.1 x 1.1 inches in size.

There are other more obvious details to look for, such as the logos position, which should be centered, and the coloring, which should include bright white lettering surrounded by a vivid red background within the box shape, but these features will stand out immediately when comparing your Supreme hat to a picture of a proven-real Supreme hat (search “supreme rn number 101837”, for example). 

The 3 micro-details that we listed above are what you need to worry about, since they’re harder to spot (and harder to copy).

How to Avoid Buying Fake Supreme

Using this article as a guide, you can easily distinguish between real and fake Supreme hats. Plus, some of the unique features we examined in Supreme hats are shared by other Supreme clothing types, such as Supreme shirts

Knock-off Supreme manufacturers are getting better and better at replicating real Supreme features, so knowing how to tell if Supreme clothing is real or fake is incredibly important when shopping online. You can save yourself time and money if you research Supreme hats or shirts before ordering them from third-party retailers. 

To make research easier, consider visiting some of the many online communities dedicated to Supreme shoppers. Members of these communities, who have experience shopping for Supreme online, can recommend you a trusted Supreme retailer. And if your Supreme hat turns out to be fake, you can mention your findings in one of the communities, and help other customers to find the real Supreme clothing they desire.