How to Tell if a Supreme Shirt is Real

How to Tell if a Supreme Shirt is Real

Online shopping is supposed to be easy, but anyone who shops online for luxury fashion items will tell you that it can be supremely frustrating (if you aren’t careful). 

Now more than ever, people buy highly anticipated releases from popular fashion brands only to resell them online at a high price. Reselling anticipated products has, on one hand, allowed people to attain limited-time offers from their favorite brands that they wouldn’t normally have access to in person. On the other hand, reselling has made it far more challenging to distinguish between authentic brand products and knock-offs being “resold” online. 

One popular clothing brand, Supreme, is no stranger to knock-offs. However, thanks to the brand’s distinct style, there are clues you can look for in Supreme clothing to determine whether or not it’s authentic. In this article, we’ll specifically be discussing how to tell if a resold Supreme shirt is real, but many of the clues we inspect in Supreme’s shirts apply to other Supreme products. So, after reading this article, you should have a much easier time distinguishing between real vs. fake Supreme products in general.

How to Tell if a Supreme Shirt is Real

Supreme can be expensive, so you’ll want to make sure you’re paying for the real thing. To ensure your Supreme clothing is real, you can inspect a number of its unique features for subtle details in their construction. Some of those unique details include the Supreme logo, clothing tags, and the overall quality of the clothing’s material. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the differences between real and fake Supreme clothing by examining these features one at a time.

If you have a Supreme clothing product on hand, you can go follow along with us as we inspect its various unique features.

The Logo

The classic red and white Supreme logo is perhaps the brand’s defining feature. As such, it’s the first feature of any Supreme product that you should examine for authenticity. 

Supreme’s logo is embroidered on each clothing product with high-quality stitching. If the stitching on the logo is torn or inconsistent, you may have a fake Supreme in your possession. Another detail prominent in the Supreme logo is its deep red coloring. The red in fake Supreme logos are usually lighter and duller. Likewise, fakes usually get the white lettering on the Supreme logo wrong. The lettering should be matte white, and there should be stitching viewable from the inside that runs along the middle of the logo.

A simpler detail to look for in your Supreme clothing’s logo is it’s alignment. Is the logo straight? Is it centered on the chest area of the shirt? Typically, even knock-off Supreme dealers get these details right, so they’re less common giveaways. Still, the logo alignment is always worth checking.

The Print Quality

In addition to inspecting the logo, inspecting the print quality of designs and pictures can be an easy way to tell if your Supreme shirt is real. While Supreme’s clothing design is characterized by the brand’s logo, there have been plenty of authentic products that include cartoons and celebrity photos. These designs are printed and pressed onto Supreme clothing - a process that cannot be easily replicated. And, typically, a quick Internet search of such Supreme clothing will show you exactly what the real thing should look like. 

Knock-off Supreme clothing with designs or photos tend to look faded and textured in a way that real Supreme prints are not. Noticeably low-quality printing is also a dead giveaway for knock-offs, such as if an imprinted design is peeling at its corners. 

When it comes to fake Supreme vs. real Supreme, the print quality of designs and picture can be very, very different.

The Clothing Tags

If you carefully examined the logo on your Supreme shirt, and the print quality, and you still aren’t sure of its authenticity, try looking inside it. Flip it inside out if you have to. You can tell if a Supreme shirt is real based on how its tags look.

Real Supreme tags have a watermark faintly printed on the back, which you can see at certain angles under a bright light. The text found on these watermarks can change depending on the type of product (some just say ‘Supreme’ while others include the type of product, like ‘Supreme T-shirt’) but they are generally a reliable detail to examine for authenticity. If your Supreme shirt’s tags do not have any watermarks on them, it may be fake. 

Another piece of text you can look for on the tags is ‘Made in U.S.A.’.Supreme is not made in China like so many other U.S. brands, after all. However, a smaller, more important detail to look for is the number of periods in ‘U.S.A.’. There are three periods on authentic Supreme tags, and if your shirt tag has any less, it’s likely a knock-off.

How it Feels

Supreme always uses high-quality materials to make its various products, and high-quality materials are expensive. If your goal is to create knock-off Supreme for cheap and sell it online for a lot of money, you’ll probably want to use inexpensive materials. This is the mindset of most knock-off artists when it comes to “reselling” Supreme, and it results in clothing that simply doesn’t feel as comfortable as authentic Supreme clothing.

The feeling of wearing warm, soft fleece is replaced with rougher, cheaper materials. Wearing fake Supreme can even cause irritation if the poorer stitching along the knock-off’s neckline is prominent enough. It can rub against your neck and cause a rash. 

Fake Supreme may look similar to real Supreme at first glance, but once you wear them both, the difference in quality of materials becomes apparent. In fact, the feel of a Supreme shirt can be a tell tale sign that your product is real or fake.

Where to Buy Real Supreme

Shopping online for Supreme is like gambling. You never know for sure if you’re buying authentic Supreme brand clothing, or a cheap knock-off. In the interest of saving you time, we gathered a variety of real Supreme shirts and other apparel for you to buy. Check out our authentic Supreme t-shirt collection.