Problems with the fashion industry

Every industry in which there are large amounts of money involved have open secrets, things most people know but no one acknowledges because it could jeopardize their money. For the fashion industry the biggest of these is waste. Did you know that the fashion industry is rated to be the second most environmentally detrimental industry mainly due to the amount of waste created. When it comes to luxury fashion usually they are absolved of involvement in problems, they don’t use sweatshops or take advantage of third world countries but when it comes to this issue they share the blame. Louis Vuitton is known for burning unsold product so that nothing ever has to go on sale. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones. When Burberry brought in their new creative director they wanted to rid the company of anything left from the old regime so they burned all the remaining product. Burning product is just the beginning, waste scraps are also created for nearly every garment that is made. In addition to this, the chemicals used in dyeing process are extremely harmful to the environment. While brands have started releasing certain pieces that are environmentally friendly we are still a long ways off from any type of real change.

Bamboo is already a solid replacement for cotton, it doesn't need pesticides and all around is a much better fabric but the fashion industry's fear of change and adopting new ideas has left this seemingly miracle fabric out of use. Synthetic fabrics however are the worst offenders since they are plastic based. If possible avoid buying polyester, acrylic and faux fur.