What the hell is Goyard?

“Goyard on my waist, boy, you ain’t got no taste” - Lil Uzi Vert

From rap songs to celebrity outfits, chances are you’ve heard of Goyard but what the hell is Goyard? Goyard is a two hundred year old luxury brand that paved the way for the modern luxury movement, yet most people have never heard of it. Starting one year before Louis Vuitton originally as the House of Martin (which is not nearly as good a name) Goyard started out making trunks. They quickly gained notoriety for their exquisite craftsmanship and quality and was eventually bought by the Goyard family and renamed accordingly. Since that time Goyard continued to grow, but their refusal to do interviews or collaborations or even make custom pieces for celebrities has kept them as a relatively unknown brand. Goyard has tried to keep as true to their roots as possible, shopping with them will feel like you are transported back to the early 1800’s with limited technology and exquisite service. 

Goyard is an amazing brand not just because of the quality of the product but also because of the exclusivity of the brand. The coated canvas is still hand painted and the bags are still made in France by some of the worlds best craftsman. Each piece from Goyard is expertly made and an essential for any luxury fashion connoisseur. To keep the product limited it never goes on sale, and Goyard doesn't even have their own online store. This keeps most of the world from being able to have any access to Goyard except through resale websites like StockX or Grailed. The UpperRoom is proud to be one of the few websites in the world that offers access to such exclusive items, through well cultivated relationships in the luxury world we have curated a collection of the most desirable products in the world.