Where Are Supreme Clothes Made?

Where Are Supreme Clothes Made?

Supreme needs no introduction at this point, that is if you are in tune with young adult and celebrity pop culture. The brand has one of the most dedicated fan bases in the fashion world, and some of the most recognizable iconography too. Whether it’s the distinct red and white color scheme of Supreme’s rectangular logo, or the minimalist design of its various products, the brand’s presence on the street is hard to ignore. It can be hard to ignore in the media as well, since numerous celebrities have been seen wearing Supreme. Of course, that means the young adults who idolize those celebrities seek out Supreme in response.

All in all, Supreme has broken into the mainstream in a major way. It’s prevalence in popular culture, perpetuated by celebrities and young adults reciprocally, has made Supreme streetwear some of the most sought-after clothing in the world. And yet, there remains an air of mystery to the brand. One such element of that mystery, which we will address in this article, is where Supreme clothes are made. The answer may surprise you.

Where Did Supreme Come From?

Supreme was founded by James Jebbia in 1994 to compete with other streetwear makers in Manhattan, where the brand began. Young adult skateboarders were Supreme’s primary demographic, and the simplistic yet stylish design of the brand’s logo and clothing reflects that traditionally worn by New York skaters. The same style can be seen in current Supreme products, updated to suit more modern fashion trends. 

In the past decade, Supreme has flourished and become an undeniable phenomenon in the fashion world. James Jebbia continues to take his brand in new and exciting directions, such as by using social media to create hype around new product launches. He’s even expanded the brand, not just online, but to several international locations, including stores in Tokyo, London, and Paris (there are now 12 Supreme stores worldwide). This recent expansion has opened the door to collaborations between Supreme and famous high-fashion brands like Louis Vuitton in Paris. In doing so, Jebbia has evolved Supreme’s brand image to (somehow) bridge the worlds of skateboard streetwear and classic luxury fashion.

In 2020, Supreme’s fanbase is massive and extremely devoted. More impressively, it continues to grow, encompassing and combining previously separate clothing styles and consumer groups under a single moniker. Amazingly, you can find both skaters and high-profile actors sporting Supreme in the same city. Despite how many different groups of people have taken to the brand, almost none of them know where Supreme clothes are made, or even how to find out. This is due, in large part, to Supreme founder Jebbia and his dedication to preserving some of the brand’s secrets. 

Where Are Supreme Clothing Made?

Jebbia seems content at this point with keeping Supreme’s manufacturing location(s) secret to the public. We can only speculate as to why that might be the case, but we can at least discuss likely clues for where the brand’s products are manufactured. Thanks to some inquisitive fans, we have a general idea of where Supreme clothes are made and the answer may surprise you.

The locations of Supreme’s manufacturing facilities are Canada, the US, and China, which is surprisingly unsurprising for a mainstream, New York-based fashion brand. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any details regarding specific cities in which Supreme is manufactured, so there isn’t much to go off of. One interesting detail regarding Supreme’s manufacturing is that Supreme rotates between manufacturing companies and suppliers. 

Supreme once used CYC (Chiang Yick Ching), alongside wings&horns and Reigning Champ, to supply hoodies and fleeces from a location in Vancouver. However, Supreme’s partnership with these companies has since been discontinued. Supposedly, there is still a location in Canada where Supreme clothes are made - in Brampton, Ontario, but its existence has not been confirmed by Jebbia. 

One of the reasons why it's so difficult to find information about Supreme’s manufacturing and supplying locations is that the company is vertically integrated. This means that Supreme owns and has complete control over their supply chain. The only place to turn to for information about Supreme’s supply chain is Supreme, and as we discussed already, Jebbia is not interested in providing answers. 

Where Can You Buy Supreme?

While we aren’t entirely sure where Supreme clothes are made, beyond the speculative details we’ve provided, we do know where to buy them. Supreme began selling clothing well before e-commerce, and even since the brand exploded onto the fashion scene, Jebbia has still not embraced online shopping trends (at least not all of them). 

Supreme only sell its products on its own stores and website, the exception being Dover Street Market in New York, London, and Tokyo. At Dover Street Market (DSM), Supreme is a best-seller, among DSM’s top three best-selling clothing brands. As for Supreme’s own stores, there are only 12 in the entire world. So, unless you live near a DSM or one of Supreme’s 12 worldwide stores, you’ll need to buy Supreme products online through a trusted third party retailer, which can be expensive. 

There are many interesting reasons why Supreme clothes are so expensive when you buy them from a third party retailer, but the most obvious reason is resale value. These retailers purchase Supreme products from the brand’s website (before they sell out) and from those 12 hard-to-reach, physical locations. Attaining authentic Supreme merch in this way can be time-consuming and costly, but for consumers who don’t have nearby access to Supreme, third party online retailers are very convenient.

An important factor to consider when buying Supreme from sources outside of the brand’s own stores is that you will inevitably encounter scammers. Some retailers will attempt to sell you cheap knock-off Supreme products at a very high “resale” value. Anyone who has shopped online for high-profile brands with limited supplies is familiar with this risk, and unfortunately, there’s no avoiding it. 

If the risk of buying knock-off Supreme products hasn’t deterred you, we hope you’ll give our curated collection of Supreme merchandise a look. We buy Supreme from the original source and try our best to sell them at a reasonable cost. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to address them!