Why Are Supreme Clothes So Expensive?

Why Are Supreme Clothes So Expensive?

Supreme brand clothing is on the leading edge of modern fashion trends, thanks to its loyal young adult fanbase and numerous celebrity endorsements. At first glance, Supreme clothing appears simplistic, but its presence in popular culture is anything but. Supreme remains one of the most sought-after clothing brands in modern fashion, and… one of the most expensive.

But how can a clothing brand with such a simple design cost so much money? To find out, there are other questions you need to ask first, and we have the answers, including the answer to the question: Why are Supreme clothes so expensive?

Where Did Supreme Come From?

Supreme started as a skate shop in Lower Manhattan, opened in 1994. It was founded by James Jebbia with the intent of selling clothing and accessories to skaters of all ages, and not just to 13 year-old suburbanites: The target demographic of most skate shops at the time. Jebbia wanted his brand (Supreme) to appeal to more mature skaters, or skating enthusiasts, seeking to rep their culture with more tasteful and stylish clothing than what was currently on the market. 

Jebbia, through Supreme, began designing and selling t-shirts marked with the brand’s simple red logo. Skaters and enthusiasts alike bought the t-shirts during small runs, which encouraged Jebbia to launch Supreme hoodies, and then Supreme sweaters, socks, and shoes in collaboration with Nike and Clarks. Eventually, Supreme collaborated with the North Face and Stone Island to make coats. Then with Comme des Garcons to make hoodies, and with APC to make jeans. Supreme became known for its collaborations with other popular brands, but also retained a distinctly “Supreme” style, which typically included the brand’s now iconic logo and minimalist aesthetic. 

Overtime, Supreme evolved from a small skate shop to a global brand with mass appeal and critical acclaim, rivaling the best fashion houses in the world.

Today, Supreme products are in high demand, and Supreme’s online shop sells out as soon as new clothing and skating accessories are announced. That’s because Supreme products are in limited supply, a strategy employed by Jebbia to increase demand among its cult of dedicated consumers. Because there aren’t many Supreme products to buy, fans of the brand flock to online stores and third party retailers who resell Supreme products at a high price. The resale value is primarily responsible for why Supreme clothes are so expensive, but there are also other factors to consider.

Why Are Supreme Clothes So Expensive?

Considering Supreme’s rich history within the fashion industry, involving numerous collaborations with other acclaimed brands, and nowadays, celebrity-endorsement, it's no surprise that the brand has established a firm position in popular culture. On top of that, Supreme has created high demand among consumers by limiting its supply, which has resulted in high resale values for Supreme products. Let’s delve into these factors (and more!) in greater depth.

Here are the reasons why Supreme clothes are so expensive:

  • In Good Company - After gaining popularity among skaters, Supreme quickly expanded its reach to new audiences, and new business partners. Some of those partners include the North Face, Dover Street Market, Vans, Nike, Stone Island, and Comme des Garçons, all world-famous brands whose high-end products sell at high prices. Collaborating with these companies, Supreme released some of their most valuable products ever, many of which were worn by celebrities. From musicians A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, and Kanye West to actors Cara Delevingne and Robert Pattinson, Supreme has been worn by many pop culture icons. And many customers of Supreme seem to have taken inspiration from those icons in buying Supreme clothing, no matter the cost.
  • Limited Supply, High Demand - Due to a limited supply of Supreme products and a high demand among Supreme fans, the brand’s stores (both online and IRL) sell out FAST. After that, the only way to buy Supreme clothing is from third-party retailers.
  • High Resale Value - Third party retailers resell Supreme products at a staggeringly high value. It’s not uncommon to find $40 shirts from Supreme for $400 on third party online stores. That’s 10x the cost of the original!
  • High Quality Material - Humorously, quality seems to be the last thing on peoples’ minds when buying from Supreme. Perhaps this is because the materials Supreme uses - 100% cotton in shirts, for example - while comfortable, only have a minor impact on why Supreme clothing is so expensive. Bottom line: If Supreme clothing wasn’t made from high quality materials, people wouldn’t wear it.
  • Authenticity - Authenticity is extremely important in the fashion industry, since people often buy clothing for the reputation of the brand and what that reputation could say about them. Additionally, brands that are in high demand, such as Supreme, tend to spawn imitators. These imitators design identical products to the brand they’re imitating to trick people into paying more money for an inauthentic product (usually made from lower quality materials than the real thing). That inauthenticity can reflect poorly on the person who buys and wears the fake product. To ensure this doesn’t happen, people will pay lots of money for authentic Supreme brand clothing.

Ultimately, the reason why Supreme clothes are so expensive is because the brand has found its audience: A modern audience who cares about the meaning behind the clothes they wear and not just the appearance. This loyal audience has allowed Supreme to transcend its roots as a skate shop to become one of the most sought-after fashion brands in the world.

How You Can Buy Supreme Clothing

Because Supreme sells out so quickly, you’ll need to buy from a third party retailer. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be buying Supreme at its resale value, which is significantly more expensive than its original cost. This is your only option for buying Supreme, unless you intend on traveling to one of the brand’s 11 worldwide stores.

On the bright side, you won’t need to travel far from this webpage to buy Supreme. We’ve collected a variety of Supreme clothing and accessories at a reasonable price, which you can browse on our Supreme store.