Why Goyard is So Expensive

This is Why Goyard is So Expensive

Maison Goyard is a French trunk and leather goods maker. It’s the epitome of luxury and it’s known for its exclusivity. Today, Goyard is the world’s oldest luxury fashion house. Considering these three things: Goyard’s luxuriousness, exclusivity, and legacy, it’s no surprise that Goyard’s products are expensive. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You get to look and feel your best while carrying with you a piece of fashion history in the form of a Goyard tote, wallet, pouch or other luxurious product.

In summary, when you buy Goyard, you aren’t simply buying a quality fashion item, you are buying reputation. Reputation, as in how others perceive you, something that the right kind of fashion can improve. How? When someone looks at what you’re wearing, they are judging you based on your fashion-sense: your taste in fashion based on which personal qualities you would like others to see in you. A common way people use fashion to highlight a personal quality is by wearing vibrantly-colored clothing to represent their enthusiasm and kindness. Conversely, someone might wear darker, more muted colors to appear serious and dedicated. Personality aside, you might just like vibrant or dark colors and want others to recognize that preference through your fashion.

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Wearing fashion items from acclaimed brands can also convey your preferences, and particularly your taste in fashion. If you prefer artful, authentic, and exclusive luxury products, then wearing Goyard totes or carrying a Goyard wallet will convey your preferences. So, if you find yourself asking the question, “Why is Goyard so expensive?” consider how important your reputation is to you. Consider how much you’re willing to pay for your reputation. Once again, you buy a Goyard tote, or any other Goyard product, for what it says about you and your fashion-sense. 

How Expensive is Goyard?

Before we get into why goyard is so expensive, we need to know how expensive it is currently, and how Goyard’s price can vary depending on where you purchase it.  

Goyard does not make it easy for you to buy their luxury products (their exclusivity is a part of their appeal after all). And you definitely shouldn’t seek products from just any third-party retailer claiming to carry authentic Goyard. In fact, you should probably buy directly from Goyard, or at least buy from a trusted retailer who buys directly from Goyard. Doing so will ensure that you attain the real product you are seeking, and not a knock-off Goyard created with cheaper materials. If you suspect a Goyard product you purchased might actually be a knock-off, there are a number of ways you can differentiate a fake from authentic Goyard

Real Goyard products can cost anywhere from $300 to $60,000, but that includes everything from wallets to totes to trunks. For the sake of comparison, let’s look at Goyard’s most popular product: their totes. A classic Goyard tote will cost you $1,150 if you purchase it from Goyard directly. Purchasing the same tote from a third-party online retailer can cost anywhere from $60 to $9,000. That’s obviously a wide range of prices, but generally, you can first tell a Goyard is fake if its online price is on the higher or lower end of that spectrum. 

Here are some additional signs that your Goyard is actually a knock-off:

  • The first detail you should pay special attention to with any Goyard bag is its texture. Goyard bags are hand-painted. It’s one of the brand’s most distinct eccentricities that truly leaves a mark on all of their products, both figuratively and literally. Literally, the hand-painted designs on the bag leave a slightly bumpy texture on the surface of the painted areas. Third-party dealers creating knock-off bags will likely skip hand-painting their bags to save time and money, so the texture of a fake Goyard is typically smoother than that of a real, hand-painted Goyard bag.
  • Another distinct quality of authentic Goyard bags is their resin-coated linen, which is lined with cotton or linen fabric. Knock-off Goyard bags are not made from such expensive materials, and instead, third-parties will opt to make them from materials like cheap cotton and vinyl. Those cheaper materials make knock-off bags heavier than authentic Goyard bags, which are comparatively light for their size.
  • Even the way Goyard bags are packaged can be examined for authenticity. Goyard products come in a plain dust bag inside of a plain brown box. They do not come in any sort of plastic bag with handles, and the Goyard bag handles don’t have any leather tags attached to them.
  • Finally, Goyard products are sold at a very limited number of locations across the globe, making it difficult to buy directly from the retailer. Goyard doesn’t participate in e-commerce either, so you can’t shop from their website. The only online option for buying Goyard products is through third-party retailers or other sellers. Shopping for Goyard products online, therefore requires a lot of research to ensure you are getting an authentic product. If you find a Goyard bag for sale from a retailer you’ve never heard of, at an unusually low or high price, chances are that retailer is promoting a knock-off.

Now that we have a foundation for how expensive Goyard totes can be, we can get into why Goyard totes are so expensive.

Why Goyard is Expensive

The main reason why Goyard is so expensive is that it’s difficult to attain. Goyard has built their reputation on exclusivity, and their refusal to expand to online retail or even online advertising only makes their products more desirable. Goyard’s popularity, then, persists by word of mouth, and over the Internet through news articles and forums. As a result, the demand for authentic Goyard is high, and thus, Goyard can charge a lot of money for their products. 

Goyard’s products are also carefully crafted with quality materials, including resin-coated linen lined with cotton fabric, which cost a lot of money to acquire and work with. Plus, those materials are hand-painted by Goyard, adding a distinctly personal touch to every Goyard product. Of course, that means Goyard needs to pay somebody to paint, and that’s yet another reason why Goyard is so expensive.

The final reason why Goyard is so expensive is because Goyard has a legacy in fashion. They’ve been one of the most acclaimed fashion makers for many, many years, and they remain the most mysterious to this day. So, whenever you by from Goyard, your product will inherently represent Goyard’s unique history, and that’s something you simply can’t get from anywhere else but Goyard.


Goyard is expensive, but it’s worth the cost to many people and it may be worth the cost to you too. Goyard products are rare, well-made, and historical. But more importantly, they’re unique.

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If you want your fashion to better represent your personality and tastes, and Goyard appeals to you unlike any other brand does, then it may be worth saving up for a Goyard tote, wallet, or other product. Because, when you buy from Goyard, you aren’t only buying a quality product. You buy Goyard for what it says about you and your fashion-sense. You’re wealthy. You’re sophisticated. You have an eye for artful, authentic, exclusive products. And you’re willing to spend a lot of money to enjoy those associations which come with owning a Goyard product. 

Don’t ask why Goyard is so expensive.  Ask yourself how much your reputation is worth.