Why is Goyard so Popular?

why is goyard so popular

Goyard is popular, but not in the way you might expect. It’s not popular among “mainstream” consumers, otherwise we’d see people sporting Goyard totes and wallets on a daily basis. No… The group with which Goyard is popular is a much smaller, far more dedicated one than any mainstream consumer base. Goyard is popular with fashionistas, people with a true passion for fashion. 

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Fashionistas are people who keep up to date on fashion trends from season to season every year, and who enjoy customizing their wardrobe based on those trends. These are the people who care most about buying and wearing authentic, high-quality fashion, and because they know so much about fashion trends, they know which brands are worth buying from. One of the most sought-after brands by fashionistas is Goyard.

Goyard is one of the most distinguished fashion brands in the world. Their style and value is widely recognized by fashionistas as being iconic, luxurious, and (most importantly) unique. Those who wear Goyard stand out, even among fashionistas, and that’s because there’s no fashion brand on Earth that remotely resembles Goyard. With its unique design, its high-quality construction, and its mysterious exclusively, Goyard remains a legendary brand in the fashion world. And the fashionistas who seek Goyard ensure that the brand remains popular among its most loyal consumers.

These are the three main reasons why Goyard is so popular.


The first reason why Goyard is so popular among fashionistas is its unique design aesthetic. 

Goyard has a distinct printed texture that appears to be a Y-shaped pattern covering the entirety of their products. This patterned texture, or monogram print, is the most iconic characteristic of any Goyard product, as it is the first aspect of Goyard that people see. Part of what makes Goyard’s monogram print so distinct is that, unlike most brand designs, Goyard’s Y-shaped pattern doesn't use the brand’s first initial for the pattern. Instead, Goyard has designed their products using their brand name’s middle letter: Y. The Ys are interlocked to create a unique pattern across each Goyard product. Further adding to the uniqueness of Goyard’s design, each Y is filled with piled dots that are intended to look like log-piles, in reference to the Goyard family’s history as log-drivers.

Goyard products also have a hand-painted appearance, which adds another unique layer of historical significance, since designs used to be hand-painted onto all of the brand’s coated canvas bags featuring their signature Goyardine print. It’s one of the brand’s most distinct eccentricities, and it has left a distinct mark on all of their products, even today. Although, today, the hand-painted designs on Goyard products are achieved through mechanized etching and dye-layering which leave a slightly bumpy texture on the surface of the painted areas. 

Hand-painted Goyard designs aren’t completely lost though! For an extra fee, you can order hand-painted Goyard from a small number of global ateliers in the United States, Mexico, Japan, China, Brazil, and France. 


Quality construction is yet another aspect of the Goyard brand that can explain why Goyard is so popular with fashionistas. 

Goyardine, the brand's signature coated fabric, consist of resin-coated linen, which is lined with cotton, linen, or hemp fabric. Despite being made of cloth Goyard’s appearance is that of leather, due to the intricate stitching of said fabric into the brand’s signature design aesthetic. The three types of plant fibers Goyard uses to create their unique fabric are cotton, linen and hemp. Hemp is especially valuable since it’s waterproof, linen is soft and can regulate heat, and cotton is simply reliable for heavy-duty bags. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Goyardine fabric used to be hand-painted, but nowadays Goyard products are painted in a manufacturing process. 

Originally, Goyard manufactured their products using a ground-color application followed by three successive layers of coloring for a thick, textured coat of paint. The brand’s trademark Y-shaped pattern (historically known as the Chevron pattern) of the Goyardine results from this unique printing technique. The resulting appearance of the Goyardine is nearly impossible to counterfeit. Counterfeit Goyard is not made from such expensive materials, and instead, third-parties will opt to make them from materials like cheap cotton and vinyl. Those cheaper materials make knock-off bags heavier than authentic Goyard bags, which are comparatively light for their size.

All of these high-quality materials make Goyard a bit pricey, but it’s worth the cost for a truly unique piece of fashion history that you can pass on to your children, or even resell later (due to the high demand for Goyard, resale values are high!).


Perhaps the most discussed reason why Goyard is so popular is its exclusivity. Goyard does not sell or even advertise their products online, which should surprise anyone who’s spent any amount of time shopping for clothes online. Because Goyard doesn’t participate in e-commerce, the only online option for buying Goyard products is through third-party retailers who have purchased Goyard themselves. Shopping for Goyard products online, therefore requires a lot of research to ensure you are getting an authentic product. If you find a Goyard bag for sale from a retailer you’ve never heard of, at an unusually low or high price, chances are that retailer is promoting a knock-off. Thankfully, there are tried and true methods you can use to identify fake Goyard.

The only way to buy directly from Goyard is to visit one of their global retail stores, of which there are 21 spread across the globe. There are only a couple of Goyard stores in the United States, one in San Francisco and one in New York, however there are a handful of affiliated stores that sell authentic Goyard in the US, including Barneys, Bergdorf Goodmans, and Neiman Marcus. 

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Ultimately, the reason why Goyard is so popular is that it is unique. Goyard products are designed, constructed, and kept exclusive unlike any other fashion brand, and because of those unique attributes, Goyard remains popular among fashionistas around the world.