Why is luxury clothing so expensive?

You aren’t just paying for a name. This is a common misconception that clothing is only expensive because people want to show off, but nothing could be further from the truth. The visionary artists and designers who originally started the luxury fashion brands such as Goyard and OFF-WHITE created something well worth the price. While some brands have lowered their standards and switched to cheap fabrics, cheap labor and ultimately a cheap product most still remain as true works of art. Beginning from the way the fabrics are created, whether natural or synthetic, care is taken to make both an excellent product as well as pay the laborers making the product a fair wage. As the raw products (such as cotton, wool, or bamboo) are refined they are done so by experts in their field and again paid what they deserve for their work. When the garments are constructed they are done so in factories that create a safe working environment for employees and pay a livable wage (notice a trend going on). These are just some of the steps that go into making a luxury clothing item. It is truly a work of art and must be appreciated as such, care goes into every step of the process to make an amazing piece of wearable art. Goyard, OFF-WHITE, Saint Laurent, and Supreme are known for their amazing products. It is great to have something cool and recognizable but know that you’re not just throwing your money away for clout, it is money well spent