10 Reasons Why People Buy Supreme Clothing

Why People Buy Supreme Clothing

Supreme has become an absolute phenomenon in the fashion world. Here are the 10 reasons why people buy Supreme

1. Variety of Products

Supreme sells a wide variety of clothing, from t-shirts to sweatshirts and hats, all in Supreme’s distinct minimalist, punk style. Supreme also sells a variety of accessories that people may not be aware of. Some of Supreme’s lesser known (though equally acclaimed) products include shoes, socks, and boxers, as well as shoulder bags, blankets, and shower caps. 

With its wide variety of fashion products, Supreme offers something for everyone. In turn, Supreme can expand its brand recognition by sheer volume. You’ll find the Supreme logo on various clothing products and accessories in the general public and on celebrities who endorse the brand. Supreme’s variety isn’t just a convenience for customers, it’s a vital marketing tool.

2. Supreme Marketing

Unlike other major clothing brands, Supreme has taken a grassroots approach to their marketing, relying on word of mouth (or “text of keyboard”) to spread awareness of their existence. This simple way of marketing seems to have come from founder James Jebbia, whose roots began in his local skateboarding community in New York. Supreme was originally created to service that specific community, and while it has attained worldwide acclaim, it remains relatively subdued with its marketing.

Supreme’s enormous fan base continues to grow the brand, spreading their fanaticism for Supreme apparel across the globe. As a result of the fanbase’s role in growing the brand, Supreme fans feel more connected with the brand. Supreme fans patiently await new product releases, forming endless lines outside of the brand’s 11 worldwide stores and raiding online stores for anything Supreme. Supreme fans are extremely dedicated. 

3. Unique Design

The most recognizable aspect of the Supreme brand is its classic logo. Simple, rectangular, typically red, and sporting the “Supreme” name in proper case (again, very subdued), the Supreme logo is easily one of the most recognizable symbols in the fashion world. And it’s one of the main reasons why people buy Supreme

The design of Supreme products, like the logo, is minimal and cool in a “punk” skater kind of way (although more tasteful than any of the skater brands targeting young adults, such as Tony Hawk). It’s a unique style that has resonated with millions of fans around the world, and it continues to attract new wearers every season.

4. High Quality Materials

Humorously, quality seems to be the last thing on peoples’ minds when buying from Supreme. Perhaps this is because the materials Supreme uses - 100% cotton in shirts, for example - are fairly common in casual wear. People expect Supreme clothing to be comfortable, and they are right 100% of the time. The consistency of high quality materials in Supreme clothing is actually admirable, but it’s far from one of the main reasons why people buy Supreme products.

5. Limited Quantity

Supreme products are released in limited quantities. Supposedly this is to ensure that Supreme warehouses are never overstocked, but the real reason for the limitation seems to be marketing. By selling limited quantities of their products, Supreme attracts droves of rabid fans to every new product release, which fuels their (already) high demand for the Supreme brand. 

Due to a limited supply of Supreme products and a high demand among Supreme fans, the brand’s stores (both online and IRL) sell out FAST. After that, the only way to buy Supreme clothing is from a trusted third-party retailer.

6. Famous Collabs

After gaining popularity among skaters, Supreme quickly expanded its reach to new audiences, and new business partners. Some of those partners include the North Face, Dover Street Market, Vans, Nike, Stone Island, and Comme des Garçons, all world-famous brands whose high-end products sell at high prices. Collaborating with these companies, Supreme released some of their most valuable products ever, many of which were worn by celebrities.

7. Celebrity Endorsement

Supreme’s popularity is due, in no small part, to the celebrity and influencer market. Many peoples’ idols have been caught on camera wearing Supreme. From musicians A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, and Kanye West to actors Cara Delevingne and Robert Pattinson, Supreme has been worn by many pop culture icons. And many customers of Supreme seem to have taken inspiration from those icons in buying Supreme clothing! In fact, the influence of celebrity endorsement is one of the most crucial factors to understanding why people buy Supreme at all.

8. Morning Drops

Every Thursday morning at 11:00am, Supreme releases new apparel and accessories in the form of a “morning drop”. These are micro-events used to promote new products and build hype among the brand’s fans. When new products are released, fans rush to purchase them. Most of the time, new products sell out as soon as they are released, making it difficult for new fans to acquire the much-sought-after brand. For Supreme, however, morning drops are an incredibly effective marketing tool.

9. Supreme Bots

Because Supreme products sell out so quickly, many fans use special software to preselect and automatically purchase Supreme products that they want but usually can’t buy in time. Bots are becoming more and more popular with each new season, since Supreme’s popularity continues to grow.

10. Authenticity

Authenticity is extremely important in the fashion industry, since people often buy clothing for the reputation of the brand and what that reputation could say about them. This is the primary reason why people buy Supreme

Additionally, brands that are in high demand, such as Supreme, tend to spawn imitators. These imitators design identical products to the brand they’re imitating to trick people into paying more money for an inauthentic product (usually made from lower quality materials than the real thing). That inauthenticity can reflect poorly on the person who buys and wears the fake product. To ensure this doesn’t happen, people will pay lots of money for authentic Supreme brand clothing.

Because Supreme sells out so quickly, you’ll need to buy from a third party retailer. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be buying Supreme at its resale value, which is significantly more expensive than its original cost. This is your only option for buying Supreme, unless you intend on traveling to one of the brand’s 11 worldwide stores.

On the bright side, you won’t need to travel far from this webpage to buy Supreme. We’ve collected a variety of Supreme clothing and accessories at a reasonable price, which you can browse on our Supreme store.