Love Moschino

Holographic Handbag

$109.20 $218.40

This Love Moschino Holographic Handbag is a real satement piece that will stand out from the crowd at any occassion.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this bag is its unique iridescent mirror effect. Rather than being a plain color, this bag has multiple patterns and shine. Combining elements of orange, yellow, purple and green, this bag has an oil slick effect that's hard to take your eyes off!

It's crafted from TPU, so has a plastic-like feel. This gives it high shine and ensures that you can simply wipe it down if you get any spills down it. This is aesthetically pleasing and highly practical.

It's finished with a bold, white Love Moschino logo across the bottom of the bag.

The bag is a shopper style, so perfect for day to day use whatever you're doing. As well as carrying your basics - phone, wallet, keys - the bag can easily fit in a few groceries on the way back from the store. Alternatively, it should fit a small to medium sized laptop if you're heading to studies or work.

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