The UpperRoom

Art Definition Hoodie


The first box logo hoodie from The UpperRoom features a highly-detailed artwork on the back from Caravaggio, one of the most esteemed artists of all time. Beneath the artwork is a text definition of “Art” and it’s creative potential. At The Upperroom, we firmly believe that clothing is a medium for artwork and should be regarded as such. The price of our garments is solely determined by the quality of materials used, but also because of the quality of the artwork itself. If you have ever been asked "why is this piece so expensive?" then all you need to do is turn around and have them read the definition on the back.

Printed on a high quality 14oz pre shrunk cotton hoodies. Made in the USA with an average pay of $20+ per hour. We use the highest quality materials available to provide our customers with a designer quality product for a reasonable price.

With a slightly oversized fit these provide a unique shape that works perfectly for every body type. This hoodie is unisex but is sized based off of typical mens sizing and women expect a looser fit.

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