Collegiate Cropped Hoodie


The DOPE women's collegiate hoodie uses a traditional college hoodie design with the statement DOPE logo stretched across the chest. The hoodie is 100% cotton, so soft to the touch. This quality fabric will wash well and stand the test of time.

This hoodie draws from a monochromatic color palette. The bulk of the hoodie is black and the design is a bright white that stands out from the background.

In terms of fit, the hoodie is cropped. You can wear the hoodie alone or with another cropped top to show of your stomach and lower back, or you can pair with a longer fit of t shirt or high waisted bottoms.

Extra long drawstrings ensure you will always be able to tighten the hood without the drawstrings disappearing back into the hood itself. These drawstrings can be used to tighten the hood if you want to block out wind, rain or the other elements.

  • DOPE women's hoodie
  • 100% cotton
  • Cropped
  • DOPE logo
  • Extra long drawstrings

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