Garcia Denim


These DOPE Garcia Jeans have a stand out design that sets them well apart from your average pair of bootcuts.

Quality denim has been used to create a sturdy pair of jeans that will stand the test of time. The denim has been acid washed and has a distressed nature, which means they will actually look better with wear. The longer you have them and the more you wear them in, the more authentic they'll look.

As well as standard pockets, these jeans have additional, zipped pockets, which adds more to look at in their quirky design and provide further functionality.

There are well placed rips on the left and right legs, but this is achieved without showing the skin. Instead, an layer of lining fabric is discreetly exposed. This adds texture and layers to the jeans.

The jeans themselves are a flattering slim fit - tapering the leg without being too tight or clingy.

  • DOPE jeans
  • Acid wash
  • Distressed denim
  • Rips and zips
  • Slim fit

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