Love Moschino

Heart Makeup Bag Small


This Love Moschino Heart Makeup Bag Large is designed for travelers who are conscious about the amount they can carry. The body of these bags is made from 100% vegan leather and is available in black, featuring a gold Love Moschino logo with a heart on the front of the bag. The back of the bag is plain, but this looks good with the clean stitching found across the bag.

Each bag has a single large compartment on the inside, with a 100% nylon lining to keep the leather outer safe and keep leaks contained. The leather outer helps to protect the items you keep inside, while the zip that runs across the to of the bag will stop anything from falling out. This bag is great for travel, keeping your overall bag size and weight down. 

  • Part of the Love Moschino collection
  • Made from 100% vegan leather/100% nylon
  • Featuring a bold logo
  • Ideal for light travel
  • Designed for makeup and toiletries

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