Love Moschino

Heart Tote Bag


When we think of tote bags, we tend to think of low quality, cotton shoppers. But this Love Moschino Tote really changes the game!

Crafted from high quality vegan leather, this bag is both strong and durable. It will last much longer than cotton variations and exhudes quality. Plus, it's 100% cruelty free!

It's a medium size, so you should be able to fit whatever you need for the day inside. Alternatively, it has plenty of space if you make a last minute dash to the store and want a simple and eco friendly way of carrying your groceries for a meal back home.

The bag is a light grey color, which brings a touch of sophistication to the piece. This color is also relatively neutral, which means the bag will match in well with whatever outfit you may be wearing.

Silver metal plated lettering shows off the Love Moschino branding across the front of the bag. There's also a stand out, silver metal heart in the centre of the design.

This really is the perfect bag if you're looking for both class and practicality!

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