Love Moschino

Holographic Tote Bag


Franco Moschino has long been renowned for creating bold and unique designs with his bags, and this Love Moschino Holographic Tote Bag is no different. This bag features a colorful holographic outer and the “Love Moschino” logo to show that this is part of the collection and handles that carry on the multicolored theme. The size and shape of this bag make it ideal for shopping trips.

These bags have a holographic polyurethane outer and an inner pouch that can be removed for cleaning, and there is a single large pocket within the bag for you to store your things. With a high-quality zip, bold design, and convenient package, this is an excellent entry to the Love Moschino collection, and we’re sure that you’ll love it as much as we do.

  • Part of the “Love Moschino” Collection.
  • Bold and unique holographic design.
  • Removable inner bag.
  • Ideal for shopping.
  • High-quality design.

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