Love Moschino

Knit and Leather Backpack

$128.40 $256.80

If you're looking for a truly unique backpack, this Love Moschino one should be right up your street! This medium sized backpack is crafted from real leather and features a white, knit embroidered design. Its unique design will really help you to stand out from the crowd.

Leather is a highly durable material, so you can rest assured that this backpack will stand the test of time. You can get plenty of use out of it on a daily basis!

The white knit gives it a stand out design without detracting from the branding. The "Love Moschino" logo takes pride of place across the bottom of the front of backpack.

Plus, the black and white colorscheme ensures that this is a minimalistic and neutral bag, able to match in with any outfit you might put together. Whether that's an all black ensemble or more bold colors and prints.

This backpack is a medium size, so practical and perfect for carrying around your day to day essentials. This includes most laptops if you need to carry a laptop for studies or work!

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