Love Moschino

Leather Logo Tote


Tote bags are the ideal addition to anyone's wardrobe. They're practical for day to day use and look great at the same time! This Love Moschino Leather Logo Tote is no exception to the rule.

The large size of this tote means that it's perfect for day to day use. Whether you're picking up some groceries from the store or simply going about your day to day life carrying your phone, keys, wallet, laptop and other essentials.

The large strap means that it can sit on your shoulder comfortably, even if you have a lot of larger or heavier items inside the bag. The straps aren't just functional either. They also feature black and white Love Moschino branding, helping to make the bag a real statement piece.

The Love Moschino branding appears again across the centre of the bag in the form of a white Love Moschino logo.

Unlike most totes, which are often made from cotton or jute, this tote is made of black leather. This means that it is durable and will really stand the test of time!

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