Love Moschino

Phone Pouch Shoulder Bag


This Love Moschino Phone Pouch Shoulder Bag provides a great companion for nights out, being the perfect size for most phones and bank cards. This gives you the chance to limit what you have to carry when you go out, reducing a large handbag down to the size of your phone. This bag is available in black, red, cream, and pink, and features a gold shoulder chain for added luxury.

The outside of these bags is made from 100% vegan leather, with quilting to provide padding to the phone you put inside. The inside is lined with 100% nylon, ensuring that you devices are kept scratch-free. A small gold Love Moschino logo is found at the top[ of each bag, seamlessly finishing the piece.

  • Part of the Love Moschino collection
  • Made from 100% vegan leather
  • Perfectly sized for phones and bank cards
  • Gold shoulder chain
  • Available in red, black, cream, and pink

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