Love Moschino

Roller Bag


If you're looking for a truly alternative bag, this Love Moschino Roller Bag should tick all of your boxes!

We're used to seeing various bag shapes, sizes and designs around on a day to day basis. Backpacks, tote bags, cross body bags... the list goes on. While this Love Moschino Roller Bag could class as a cross body bag, it has a truly unique cylindrical shape that really stands out against more common designs.

This roller bag has a thick strap, which will keep it secure while you carry it and will also provide protection to your shoulders, preventing the strap from digging in.

It comes in a cute baby pink color, which will appeal to most. It matches countless other colors, or could be paired into an all white or black outfit to really stand out as a statement piece.

It's big enough to fit all of your essentials inside and has a silver zip across the top to prevent anything from falling out.

White Love Moschino branding features directly across the front of the bag!

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